Mission Statement

Our Four Pillars of Excellence

At JANEY, we are constantly redefining and evolving what it means to be a construction manager. Through our 4 pillars of Excellence, we work in solidarity with our community and industry to build a future where everyone has an opportunity to achieve their dreams!

Pillar 1


The needs of our clients vary widely in project size, level of complexity and facility type — but they all have this in common: They want a trustworthy construction partner known for a commitment to excellence that enables them to achieve their business and community goals.

Pillar 2


Continuous learning is something we strongly uphold at JANEY. From our executive staff to our interns, we constantly are pushing the envelope when it come to learning and improving skill sets to use for the future.

Pillar 3


It’s our passion for staying ahead, consistently delivering innovative solutions in commercial construction and for eclipsing our clients’ expectations that allows us to build long-term relationships out of reliability, honesty and trust. At JANEY, innovation is our foundation to Build The Future.

Pillar 4


At JANEY, we have a long and deep tradition of volunteer leadership and financial support for the non-profit agencies that make our communities better places for all people. We contribute thousands of hours of volunteer service in our communities each year, and our firm acts as a conduit to help people get connected to the service opportunities that mean the most to them.