Firm History

Founded in 1984, JANEY Construction Management provides professional services throughout the Northeast, bringing our solid reputation for quality to each new endeavor. JANEY has emerged as one of the leading construction management companies in New England, with a portfolio that includes construction management and consulting services for a wide variety of projects.

From building to managing to consulting, JANEY has maintained a strong reputation for delivering quality and excellence for more than three decades. Our success is based on our history of respecting the goals and vision of our clients and providing them with the expertise and dedication that results in the success of each project.

Today, JANEY has matured into a reputable, established, and experienced firm that leads complex impactful projects. Our firm applies industry standards while also contributing to the greater knowledge base through innovative approaches, value engineering, quality management and claim mitigation.

Our Values

The founder’s family and civic values are embedded in the company’s mission and values. The emphasis placed on continual learning, education and civic responsibility has deeply influenced the character of JANEY and is at the core of the company’s foundation. A culture of integrity gained from family members characterizes the uniqueness of this firm.