Together As One

A Team InYour Corner

JANEY develops innovative building solutions for organizations, businesses, building owners and developers. Together, we build amazing projects. Acting in the Construction Management or Owner’s Representative role, JANEY oversees the entire project on behalf of the owner. We interface with the design architect and subcontractors, oversee material purchases, and provide value management. Allowing us to coordinate scheduling and teams helps takes weight off owners who may be based outside of the specific area or even out of state. Using our expertise across various disciplines, we can bring our capabilities and connections together to meet your project goals.

In Your Corner

Dual Insight

It’s the idea of using our knowledge both as an owners’ representative and as a trusted construction firm. Some owners’ representatives operate solely in that capacity – but by having construction experience under our belt, we don’t speak just from observance, but from experience.
We don’t approach a decision with the idea of “We’ve seen this work before,” but instead, with the idea of “We have succeeded doing it this way ourselves.”

This approach also allows us to make recommendations from the viewpoint of a firm that understands lean, innovative construction methods and responsible, sustainable project management and production. We don’t just represent the owner, we can think ahead of the curve and anticipate the actions and reactions, allowing us to be one of the most nimble and aggressive owners’ representatives in the region.