From both sides of the coin

merging expertise for unparalleled insight

At JANEY Construction, we are builders at our core. We work with clients on commercial construction projects large and small, developing long-term relationships based on partnership and trust. With additional, diversified experience in Owner’s Representation and Project Management, we bring a unique outlook, one that helps us approach projects from a different angle. By being experienced in considering outcomes for all stakeholders, we can make the best-informed decisions and seek new solutions.




Owner's Representation

Flexibility to serve various markets

One of our unique approaches to business is that our constant efforts to encourage learning and growth, our drive to push the boundaries of modern construction methods and technology, allows us to serve numerous markets with resounding success. It’s an approach that has made JANEY the go-to team across a number of unique, demanding segments.

old-school values, modern thinking

driven to exceed expectations

The values that we instill in our company, and in our team members, merges the old-school thinking of earning your way, showing grit, and working with integrity with innovative approaches and cutting-edge technology. It’s an approach that helps us look at your expectations as a bar to be jumped, not a finish line to be met.